Diseases that can be treated with leeches

Adhesive disease & Leech therapy

The presence of adhesions in the abdomen and pelvis leads to a decrease in blood circulation of the intestinal loops and internal organs.
Adhesive disease is a pathological condition that occurs after inflammatory processes in the abdomen or pelvis,after surgery, endoscopic examinations and manipulations, after injuries,wounds.

Normally, a person in the abdominal cavity and pelvic loops of the intestine and internal organs move, float in the fluid secreted by the peritoneum.This liquid washes the internal organs and they are easily moved relative to each other with intestinal peristalsis, diaphragm movements and then this liquid is re-absorbed by the peritoneum.

The appearance of adhesions, scars after injuries or inflammation leads to a decrease in the quality of life, discomfort, chronic abdominal pain. Sometimes these are acute pain, paroxysmal in nature.In people with adhesion problems frequent constipation and violations of a monthly cycle. The presence of adhesions in the abdomen and pelvis leads to a decrease in blood circulation of the intestinal loops and internal organs. The outflow of lymphatic fluid and venous blood from the lower extremities through the abdominal cavity is reduced, which leads to edema, venous insufficiency. This is manifested in the expansion of the veins of the lower extremities, the breakdown of the valve apparatus of the veins and lymphatic vessels of the legs, leading to hemorrhoids, infertility. In addition to the constant abdominal pain of a spilled nature, there are complaints of nausea, vomiting, constipation, bloating and rumbling in the abdomen, difficulties in the discharge of stool and intestinal gases.

Traditionally used for the treatment of severe manifestations of adhesive disease surgical manipulation, often endoscopic.However, attempts to treat adhesive disease surgically by cutting the existing adhesions leads to the resumption of the adhesive process, since any injury is the starting point of the formation of new scars and tissue coalescence.Even if this is done by low-traumatic endoscopic manipulation, the formation of new adhesions is difficult to prevent.

For the conservative treatment of adhesive disease, mud and other balneotherapy, various types of physiotherapy in the form of light and heat treatment, some types of radiation therapy, including infrared radiation therapy are used.

The use of medical leeches under this suffering gives many advantages.
First of all, the secret of medical leeches contains hyaluronidase, which cleaves scars and adhesions inside the body.In this case, it does it very gently and for a long time, in contrast to the injected lidase and its analogues.

After the prefix leeches are formed stations that relieve pain and spasm.

Significantly increased blood flow due to the inclusion of the small vessels, arterioles. Increased outflow of toxic products and products of cellular metabolism.

There is a melting of scars and adhesions and the gradual elimination of the adhesive process without any surgical intervention.

Quite often, hirudotherapy in adhesive processes is supplemented by the formulation of blood-sucking jars on the abdomen or the projection of the pelvic organs.

Subcutaneous microbleeds, a kind of autogemotherapy promotes resorption of scars and adhesions.

The results of the use of hirudotherapy in this suffering is always very good.Patients suffering from long-term adhesive disease finally get rid of this problem, without any complex surgical procedures.

In our office, after consultation with a doctor-hirudologist, you will be able to receive qualified treatment with a medical leech.

Only FDA-approved leeches that can provide the required level of medical exposure are applied.
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