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Dr. Konstantin Lakeev

My mission is to be an instRument in Creator's hands and to use my knowledge and experience for healing and helping people.
Dr. Konstantin Lakeyev
Dr. Konstantin Lakeev
Leech Therapy
Former USSR (now Russian Federation) Voronezhskiy Gosudarstevenny Meditsinkiy University in the name of N.N. Burdenko; Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko) 1975-1981, Former USSR Diploma with qualification of Physician "General Medicine" Awarded on 06/27/1981 Number of years of study: Actual 6.0 Standard : 6.0 *Voronezh State Medical University was recognized to an Academy in 1994. The diploma with qualification of physician represents completion of a six-year program of university study in medicine. It is comparable to the first professional degree in medicine, the doctor of medicine degree, from a regionally accredited university or college in the United States.

Voronezh State Medical Academy /Post Graduate Education.09.13.1982-12.25.1982 'Fundamental of Physical Therapy'.

Voronezh State Medical Academy/Post Graduate Education/Department of Social Medicine and Public Health 05.20.1985-06.08.1985 'Communications, Management in Medical Practice'.

The University of Spine and Joint Pathology (NIITO) AMS of Ukraine them prof.Sitenko,Kharkov.Ukraine.09.08.1987-09.30.1987 'Regional Anesthesia in Trauma Medicine'. Penza,RF.

University of Advanced Medical 04.02.1988-06.08.1988.

'Issues of Neurology' Voronezh State Medical Academy/Post Graduate Education. 06.27.1990-07.30.1990.

'Laserotherapy and Laserology'. Voronezh State Medical Academy/Post Graduate Education. 01.31.1994-03.25.1994.

'Neuropathology'. Certificate, issued on October 14, 1997, following 1.5 months ;216 hours) of training in the therapeutics completed at the Faculty of Advanced Training, Voronezh Medical Academy, from 09/03/97 to 10/14/97.

Certificate issued in 1997, following 72 hours of training in Hirudology and Hirudotherapy completed at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education(Moscow,Russian Federation).

Certificate, issued on November 29, 1997, following the passing of the qualification examination in physical therapy at Voronezh Medical Academy.

Certificate, issued in 1999, following a 710 hours of training in oriental medicine and theory of acupuncture completed at the Faculty if Advanced Training, Voronezh Medical Academy from 10/19/98 to 02/ 19/99.

Certificate, issued in 1999, following 432 hours of training in Acupuncture completed at the Faculty of Advanced Training Voronezh Medical Academy from 10/19/98 to 02/19/99.

Academy of Hirudotherapy,Las-Vegas,NV Certificate of Integral Hirudotherapy #201377546-0701 01.07.2013 American Heart Association CPR Certificate # 136323055484 Renew By 03.13.2018 every 3 Years from 03.2009)
Konstantin Lakeev and his colleagues from Russia
Participated in the First World Hirudotherapy Congress September 2013, Moscow, Russia. Board Member Academy of Hirudotherapy. Was the representative Girudologist of the United States.
Konstantin Lakeev is showing how to set a leech
Participates in education and training of Students Academy of Hirudotherapy.
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