Diseases that can be treated with leeches

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) & Leech therapy

The diet must be present products, "raising the vital energy of the kidney" this is ginger, different kinds of pepper plants from the family Araliaceae, salty caviar.
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) a disease characterized by a state of physical and emotional fatigue, the decline of strength, will, not eliminated even after a long rest.

CFS is typical for residents of large cities, leading an intense lifestyle. About 2.5% of the population suffer from this disease, in women it is more common, the age is most often from 25 to 50 years.

The most frequent manifestations of CFS include the lack of a sense of rest after sleep, unmotivated irritability, weakness in the body, headaches and muscle pain of unclear localization of an acute nature, drowsiness during the day, allergic and pseudo-allergic reactions, frequent angina, pharyngitis, lymph node tension, difficulty falling asleep even after a hard day, lack of energy and will, laziness, apathy, unwillingness to move, inability to concentrate and difficulty to focus on the problem being solved.

CFS contribute to environmental pollution, especially among residents of megacities, intensive lifestyles, psychological problems, stress and depression, lack of contact with wildlife, low levels of solar irradiation of the skin, lack of sleep or its incorrect pattern including daytime sleep instead of nighttime, poor quality food(so-called"fast food"), viral infections that easily penetrate the weakened immune system, lack of normal colon flora due to excessive and frequent use of antibiotics by modern medicine.

What recommendations can the patient expect when visiting a doctor with chronic fatigue Syndrome?
Appointed nootropic, immunomodulatory drugs, adaptogens and antioxidants. In some cases, antidepressants and even a short course of steroids are offered. Physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, laser therapy, various types of hydrotherapy, including saunas, baths are of great importance.

It is necessary to restore the disturbed balance of the colon flora. The diet must be present products, "raising the vital energy of the kidney" this is ginger, different kinds of pepper plants from the family Araliaceae, salty caviar. The above-mentioned food additives and products are taken under the control of blood pressure.
Physical exercises are important, because only with muscle contractions, lymphatic drainage occurs most fully, the purification of the intravascular space of tissues, the release of toxins.

It is very important to strengthen the microcirculation in the human body in all its departments. As the greatest Russian doctor naturopath of the 20th century-the key of any disease and its cure lies in the restoration of vascular microcirculation.

The most complete and versatile works with CFS hirudotherapy -treatment of medical leeches.
Hirudotherapy naturally and intensively normalizes micro blood flow throughout the body and especially in problem areas where there is stasis and microthrombosis.

Due to the improvement of microcirculation, tissue edema is reduced. In addition, leeches provide good drainage – remove venous stagnation with toxins. This process occurs not only during the procedure of hirudotherapy, but also later within 2-3 days, when the outflow of interstitial fluid into the bandage, superimposed on the application area of the leech. When hirudotherapy reduces pain-first-due to the fact that the swelling decreases, the compression of the nerve endings decreases; and secondly, thanks to painkillers, which are contained in the salivary secret of the leech. Group of anti-inflammatory substances reduces inflammation and increases immunity. Sedatives have a sedative effect and improve sleep.

From the moment of the act of blood sucking leeches is therapeutic effect on the pathologically altered organs, then connect a number of mechanisms of normalization of microcirculation, in particular, the mechanism of removal of vascular spasm, as well as the acceleration of blood flow. Reduced coagulation potential-all this leads to improved tissue nutrition. Consequently, the elimination of the pathological process.
Eastern medicine has long proved the existence of special zones (points) on the skin, which have a pronounced connection with internal organs. The possibility of influence from the skin to the internal organs allows the use for therapeutic purposes of different kinds of reflexology – acupuncture (in all its versions), including girudoterapii. There is a set of two methods: reflexology and hirudotherapy. I. e. the reflexogenic point responsible for one or another organ in the body is activated by mechanical action (leech bite), plus injection of leech saliva into the systemic bloodstream – a complex of 60 biologically active enzymes that have healing properties, such as: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, blood-purifying, analgesic and many others; improve metabolism, normalize hormonal background. In other words, medical leeches is a ready-made syringe with a carefully selected set of drugs.

The therapeutic effect of leeches consists of three factors. First, the leech bites in the reflexogenic points chosen by the hirudotherapist, the skin, activating the involved Meridian. Secondly, the leech throws saliva into the bloodstream, containing a range of physiologically active substances, the "smooth" action of which leads to the normalization of the pathological process. And, thirdly, the leech carries out purely mechanical unloading of blood flow. This ensures the free suction of leech blood, as well as prolonged bleeding from the wound after the leech.

Thus, the effect of hirudotherapy in neuro-endocrine, immune disorders accompanying CFS, is extremely useful and effective.

We observe in patients a decrease and even complete cessation of debilitating headaches and muscle pain after sessions of hirudotherapy.

Sleep is normalized, depression decreases and disappears, psycho-emotional problems are resolved. The strong-willed component, the ability to focus and solve the problems and problems is restored.

Treatment with hirudotherapy, of course, takes time, but patients in the treatment of this type are rewarded with improving the functions of the nervous and endocrine system and all associated with this strengthening and restoration of various functions of the body. It begins to work a kind of time machine that turns off the biological clock of man. The intracellular mechanisms of aging slow down. The normal physiological mechanism of the human neuro-endocrine apparatus is activated.

In our office, after consultation with a doctor-hirudologist, you will be able to receive qualified treatment with a medical leech.

Only FDA-approved leeches that can provide the required level of medical exposure are applied.
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