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Climax & Leech therapy

Very often, after several procedures of HT, a person completely gets rid of the complex of painful symptoms.
Menopause is called the physiological period of extinction of the functions of the reproductive system. In women it is also called menopause. Fertility ceases, the female cycle becomes irregular and then gradually or soon enough completely ceases. Usually climax occurs in the "Balzac age" about 50 years, sometimes later. Occasionally it may begin after 30 years, especially after severe stress . Menopause is also manifested in men, though not in such a pronounced form.

Quite often, manifestations of menopause are extremely unpleasant, sometimes very painful manifestations. Climax is able for many years to "poison the existence" of man, reducing dramatically the efficiency and quality of life.

It is manifested by symptoms such as a feeling of heat, blood flow to the face and other parts of the body, sweating attacks, palpitations, sharp fluctuations in blood pressure, shortness of breath, a sense of "lack of air" headaches, urination disorders, lower abdominal pain, dry mucous membranes of the body, dry skin and rapid aging of the skin.

There are also neurological symptoms-insomnia, frequent mood changes, whining, depression, distraction, forgetfulness, nausea, dizziness, fatigue.

Traditionally, sex hormones estrogens and gestagens have been used for decades, male sex hormones - androgens hormones or their analogues, in combination with each other or with pharmaceuticals relieving menopausal symptoms. These drugs help to remove or reduce the symptoms of menopause. To reduce the harmful effect of drugs on the liver, they are now sometimes used in the form of candles, patches or subcutaneous implants. Unfortunately, like all hormonal drugs, they have a huge list of side effects and contraindications - swelling, headaches, breast, weight gain, stagnation of bile and digestive problems. In addition, hormonal therapy is strictly contraindicated if there are cancer, a tendency to bleeding, thrombosis, including thrombophlebitis, liver and kidney disease, diabetes. Even if there are no expressed contraindications, treatment with pharmaceuticals can take 3-5 years and after discontinuation of the reception, the symptoms can recur. During treatment, it is necessary to monitor the gynecologist for the state of the reproductive system, mammary glands and cancer control for the presence of cancer cells.
Hirudotherapy, medical leech treatment for a long time and very successfully used in menopausal symptoms. Very often, after several procedures, a person completely gets rid of the complex of painful symptoms that tormented him. Very gently, naturally regulated hormonal system through the subcortical formation of the brain-diencephalic, pituitary-hypothalamus system. There is a production of serotonin, enkephalin and endorphins - natural "pleasure hormones"of the person.

Leech, acting on the human skin area reboots and reconfigures the natural, biological way neuro-endocrine system. Literally during the first procedures, the patient gets rid of the whole bunch of symptoms of menopause.

And the enzymes contained in the saliva of the leech have a beneficial effect on bone tissue, increasing the digestibility of vitamin D and calcium, blocking the beginning of osteoporosis, characteristic of climax.
Procedures of hirudotherapy for the treatment of climax are carried out weekly or every ten days, the course usually requires 8-12 procedures. Thus, the treatment takes 2-3 months. The result is always excellent. Often improvement is seen after the first procedure.

Treatment is carried out if necessary and at the patient's home. If people come from MD, DE, V, NY, NJ, the treatment is carried out 3-4 treatments per week monthly.
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