Diseases that can be treated with leeches

Coronar problems & Leech therapy

Cases of acute chest pain require immediate call and intervention of the cardiology team
Heart disease, namely, coronary heart disease caused by changes in the walls of the coronary arteries has become truly one of the most pressing problems of modern man. This disease progresses and can affect a person after 30 years.

Current medicine has a wide Arsenal to deal with this condition. There are many methods of dealing with the"disease of the century." And when a lot of techniques there is a strong doubt that they all work to cure the patient, and not to create dependence on medicine.

This has traditionally included drugs that expand the heart arteries, although their use is not always indisputable, since they affect mainly the unaffected vessels and the state of blood circulation of the heart can sometimes even worsen.

Drugs that reduce stress on the heart muscle. Action quite effectively, but they work while the man continues to take them on a relatively permanent basis, and all he depends on them.

In recent decades, various types of surgical interventions on the coronary arteries have become widespread. Coronary bypass surgery, the placing of the implant of the stent into the coronary vessel. Needless to say how these procedures, even with the modern relative atraumatic(the patient for 2-3 days can already be discharged from the hospital) is absolutely not natural for the body, not physiological. Throughout the life of a person is forced to take anticoagulants - blood thinning chemotherapy, there is a need every few years to replace the endoprostheses inside the heart, coronary artery.

The method of application of hirudotherapy in this disease has many advantages.

In the medicinal leech saliva contains destabilaza, OrElse and hirudin which restores the inner layer of the wall of the affected artery. To date, there are no other means that could do the same!In acute occlusion, the blockage of the artery is the secret of medicinal leeches, mostly because of the action of hirudin the blood clot dissolves the wall and dramatically improves the heart, coronary blood flow. Is removed edema and post-ischemic myocardial damage. Area of necrosis, even when the coronary has already occurred disaster is significantly reduced or even disappears.

Of course, cases of acute chest pain require immediate call and intervention of the cardiology team.
But in my practice, there were cases when, even in such an acute situation, patients for various reasons, including religious, refused classical medical care and I was able to completely stop this condition and achieve a lasting cure for coronary heart disease.

So, about a year ago, I was called to new York for a coronary problem. It was a native of India, Singh, the owner of the restaurant business. He had a documented occlusion (blockage) of several branches of the coronary artery. There was a lot of pain at the load, he was unable to go up to the second level of his house. When I began to use hirudotherapy more than ten of his relatives watched my work as in the Middle Ages in the anatomical theater. Literally by the end of the procedure the pain was removed. He felt a huge relief as a stone fell from his chest.

After two visits, he became, as he put it," perfectly healthy " man, could endure physical activity, climb the stairs without experiencing pain and discomfort.

Unfortunately, a month later, cardiac surgeons convinced him to still put a stent inside the artery. Our surgeons certainly have a strong gift of persuasion. Now this man, of which many, takes anticoagulants after setting stents and is now doomed all his life to do so, as well as periodically change the stents in the coronary arteries.

Patients who go about the coronary heart problems "earned" their disease by years of unhealthy lifestyle, thoughts, poor diet, breathing, lack of the correct movement mode. Therefore, within 2-3 months of the first course of treatment of hirudotherapy, they should gradually get rid of most pharmaceuticals and enter into the mainstream of natural recovery.

In hirudotherapy, not only the coronary blood flow is normalized , blood pressure decreases and, as a result, the load on the heart muscle without medication decreases. The anti-stress effect of the medical leech begins to manifest itself, the hormonal background of a person normalizes, the function of the brain and its subcortical formations is harmonized, the immune status of the organism is restored.

Procedures of hirudotherapy for the treatment of coronary artery disease are carried out weekly or every ten days, the course usually requires 8-12 procedures. Thus, the treatment takes 2-3 months. The result is always excellent. Often improvement is seen after the first procedure.

I have extensive practical experience in the use of hirudotherapy, alternative medicine, along with clinical practice in hospitals for more than 30 years. Currently involved in the teaching of leech therapy students in the United States.

Treatment is carried out if necessary and at the patient's home. If people come from MD, DE, V, NY, NJ, the treatment is carried out 3-4 treatments per week monthly.
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