Diseases that can be treated with leeches

Cranialgia & Leech therapy

Pain may be associated with cervical spine problems. As a rule, pain in the neck, nape, prolonged, periodically exacerbating colds, uncomfortable position of the head during sleep.
Headache. Few of us can boast that we have not experienced this at least sometimes.However, there are people who have a headache almost constantly accompanies throughout the day, and often even deprives of full sleep. It can also be so strong that it almost makes a person cry out as in trigeminal neuralgia(this is a facial pain associated with the trigeminal nerve). But it can be aching, exhausting a person for several months or even years.All drugs have already been tried, including potent, all recommendations and advice from all sides have already been taken, but the pain is still your companion.What to do? Taking drugs that can lead to addiction? Go for surgery?

Of course, without any objections, the cause of the headache should be identified, since the causes of the headache are many.Including their combinations.Roughly we can distinguish several situations leading to chronic headaches(or as it is called by doctors - cranially).

Cranially associated vascular problems.

It is a hypertensive disease with atherosclerotic arteries.

This may include migraine, which may be associated with low vascular tone and associated edema of the head tissues and spastic migraine with tissue hypoxia(reduced oxygen supply).

Periodic violations of cerebral circulation, t. n transient ischemic attacks-it's almost microinsults that a person experiences periodically, but that last minutes and do not lead to paralysis of the body or persistent violations of its functions.

Aneurysm or anomalous vessels of the brain. Tumor processes of the brain or its membranes. These two categories go apart.Fortunately, they are reliably detected by modern diagnostic medicine.If you do not miss the time in need of immediate surgery.

Inflammation of the brain or its membranes is a common cause of chronic pain. Very often,after colds,the meninges(there are several of them and they cover the brain like cabbage leaves) remain involved in the inflammatory process, although the virus and bacteria are no longer present there, but the mechanism of microbial inflammation and pain is already running. After that, there will be a long and often futile struggle for liberation from pain.

Catarrhal diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses is a common cause of chronic headaches.Identified and diagnosed by modern medicine is very easy. Treatment is often unproductive.

Pain associated with cervical spine problems. As a rule, pain in the neck, nape, prolonged, periodically exacerbating colds, uncomfortable position of the head during sleep.The solution? Also taking pain medication or going to an acupuncturist or osteopath(for more "advanced patients").

Ophthalmic problems leading to chronic headache.In most cases, this glucobrassicin forms in different stages. Although the pain is more local in nature-ie localized in the ocular region, but can be projected deep into the head.

Why do we mention in this popularly stated schematic article about the problem of chronic headache hirudotherapy (medical leech treatment)?

The fact is that the unique effect of hirudotherapy at all stages of the pathological process and now it is impossible to find an alternative in modern conservative therapy. The medical leech, not only reduces inflammation and swelling, eases pain. The autoimmune component of all non-microbial inflammatory processes is blocked, whether they are in the membranes of the brain or in the paranasal sinuses. She does things that are not yet available to other treatments. And it does it naturally and without side effects. Hirudotherapy is not just a cure. She's healing.
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