Diseases that can be treated with leeches

Ginekology & Leech therapy

At the heart of these diseases is hormonal disorders, the formation of adhesions on the background of inflammation or after it, a persistent violation of microcirculation.
Hirudotherapy, medical leech treatment has long been traditionally used in the treatment of "female diseases".
Why at various gynecological pathology having different roots and development, or as doctors say, pathogenesis and pathophysiology hirudotherapy is almost a wonderful panacea, the alternative to which modern medicine is not able to find yet?

Chronic and acute adnexitis, metritis and endometritis, bartholinitis, vulvovaginitis, mastitis, mastopathy, adhesions pelvic, fibroids, disorders of the menstrual cycle.
At the heart of these diseases is hormonal disorders, the formation of adhesions on the background of inflammation or after it, a persistent violation of microcirculation.

Traditional attempts of modern medicine to treat these problems with the use of antibiotics and hormones do not lead to the desired results, accompanied by a decrease in the immune status of the body and the emergence of hormonal dependence and related side effects from external unnatural hormonal effects.
When the leech is placed on special specific areas of the human skin, reflex activation of the endocrine glands occurs. These areas have long been known to Oriental medicine and are used for thousands of years. In Europe, for a long time used and applied hirudotherapy. In France, the leech was even a monumented for the medical use of this wonderful animal. In the 20th century, after the advent of antibiotics and hormones, hirudotherapy was undeservedly pushed into the background, but since the 90s again experiencing a revival around the world.

When hirudotherapy in the human body completely organic and natural way there are enzymes such as hirudin, hyaluronidase, bdellin, acetylcholine. They restore microcirculation, relieve vascular spasm, melt scars and adhesions. None of the modern treatment can provide a soft and stable improvement of microcirculation. This means increased blood flow to the affected areas. After strengthening the microcirculation increases tissue nutrition, oxygen uptake and increase the output of toxins and decay products. This is a universal key to the treatment of almost any disease. Very close to this approach infrared laser therapy, but its effect is not so harmless.

The famous doctor Zalmanov, who is considered by many modern doctors-naturopaths, said that the root of any disease is a violation of the microcirculation. And leech is remarkable restores the violated process.
Hyaluronidase dissolves, melts adhesions and scars that formed after acute or chronic inflammation. Many people know about such an enzyme as lidase, which is used to treat adhesive disease. So, natural hyaluronidase formed by leech is much softer and more effective in the human body.That is why chronic pelvic inflammatory processes are so effectively treated with hirudotherapy.Leech hyaluronidase also has the properties of a natural antibiotic. And increasing the immune status of the body helps to fight infections regardless of chlamydia, Gardnerella, a fungal or bacterial infection has entered the human body.

During the attachment of the leech and during the week, the prerequisites for the production of their hormones in the human body, so people do not need to take artificial hormones from the outside. This is why the hormonal cycle is normalized and mastopathy, endometriosis and infertility are cured.
Despite the centuries - old history of the use of medical leeches and the apparent ease of use of this method, of course, requires professional use.

We have a long experience with very good results of the use of hirudotherapy in gynecological problems.
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