Diseases that can be treated with leeches

Hepatitis & Leech therapy

It is difficult to find a more natural method, without adverse reactions and complications, comparable to hirudotherapy
Hepatitis continues to affect millions of people in developed countries of the West and in poor countries of Africa and Asia, regardless of borders and policies. Hepatitis is called inflammation of the tissue, the liver parenchyma. Inflammation can begin due to intoxication, i.e. poisoning with various poisons (mushrooms, drugs, pharmaceuticals) and can also begin with the penetration of the virus into the human body.

Hepatitis viruses enter the liver cells with blood flow. There are several types of hepatitis that are caused by viruses. Modern classification has assigned them the letters of the Latin alphabet-A, B, C, D, E, etc.Hepatocytes begin to work in the interests of the aggressor, producing a huge number of viruses, which, in turn, capture new, until then healthy liver cells. This kind of chain reaction, developing exponentially, can lead to the destruction of the entire affected organ.

Liver tissue has a phenomenal ability to regenerate and is able to recover very quickly, but the hepatitis virus does not give the patient a respite, and regeneration resources are very quickly depleted. At the same time, unfortunately, the immune system mobilizes forces to destroy their own liver cells captured by the virus. As a rule, at the cost of huge losses the body is able to stop the aggression of the virus and begin to regenerate the body. However, about one in five cases of hepatitis takes a chronic form and gradually leads to the development of severe irreversible changes in the liver.

Treatment of viral hepatitis-this process is quite long, expensive and, unfortunately, does not always lead to success. Special antiviral agents and interferon preparations are used for treatment. After a 6 - or 12-month course, treatment is considered complete if the virus disappears in the blood and the biochemical parameters of the blood are normalized. On the normalization of health and performance in the first year of treatment, as a rule, can not speak. Not only does the virus deal a devastating "blow to the liver", but the treatment itself is usually accompanied by side effects. Against the background of treatment, often there are violations of the endocrine system, in particular - the thyroid gland; developing asthenic syndrome, depression, skin rashes.

We must admit that the possibilities of our conventional medicine in the treatment of viral hepatitis are not unlimited and not without medical complications. It is necessary to know and use the possibilities of natural medicine in maintaining the health of patients with viral hepatitis. It is difficult to find a more natural method, without adverse reactions and complications, comparable to hirudotherapy. Unfortunately, most people do not have information about this wonderful method of treatment.

Hepatitis is accompanied by a significant deterioration in the function of liver cells and their replacement by connective tissue. As a result, the body dramatically violated all kinds of metabolism. For such patients, leech therapy is absolutely necessary, and its application more effective, the earlier treatment is started.
Medical leeches significantly improve the prognosis of liver disease. Positive experience of treatment with methods of hirudotherapy even liver cirrhosis as post-alcohol, toxic, and post-infectious allows us to recommend its wide application.

Leeches relieve the sick body from venous congestion, remove toxins.

A leech is often called a living needle. Under the therapeutic effect of leeches in the body formed dozens of enzymes that naturally align the immune system of the patient, dissolve scars (in the case of hepatitis scar and altered liver tissue), restore microcirculation in the affected organ. Among these enzymes-the most important:
  • Hirudin is a thrombin inhibitor. Blood thinning.
  • Eglin, destabilase, Belin b, bellastezin – break down cholesterol, stop the decomposition of tissues, improve nutrition of nerve cells, growth of nerve fiber.
  • Organase substance-increases capillary blood flow, "opens" closed capillaries, reduces lymphostasis, removes swelling of any origin.
  • The hormone of joy-serotonin, dopamine-reducing pain, a surge of strength, energy. Treatment of depressive States.
  • Catalyst hyaluronidase – breaks down connective tissue. Clears the intercellular space from accumulated toxins. Effective in the treatment of adhesions and scars.
Despite the centuries — old history of the use of medical leeches and the apparent ease of use of this method, of course, requires professional use.

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