Diseases that can be treated with leeches

Inflammatory diseases of the ear (otitis) & Medical Leech Treatment

Symptoms: stuffiness in the ear, shooting(often at night) ear pain, pain at pressure on the ear tragus, hearing loss, fluid leakage from the ear, sometimes fever and enlarged lymph nodes on the side of the patient's ear.
What is otitis?

The Latin suffix "is" at the end of the word always means inflammation in medical science.

There are acute and chronic forms of this disease.

Symptoms: stuffiness in the ear, shooting(often at night) ear pain, pain at pressure on the ear tragus, hearing loss, fluid leakage from the ear,sometimes fever and enlarged lymph nodes on the side of the patient's ear.

The disease can be unilateral or bilateral.

The diagnosis depends on the localization of the infectious-inflammatory process.
There is a so-called external otitis media,when inflamed the ear and the external auditory canal up to the tympanic membrane.

Otitis media involves inflammation of the structures located already behind the tympanic membrane,where the auditory bones and mastoid process of the skull bones are located.
With the progression of inflammation, pus exerts pressure on the walls of the auditory canal and the tympanic membrane, causing pain.Sometimes purulent contents break out,damaging the eardrum and causing the expiration of pus from the ear. However, the breakthrough of pus inside the brain of the skull can cause inflammation of the meningitis.

With internal otitis media,(it is also called labyrinthitis) affects the structure of the inner ear,auditory receptors and otolith apparatus - the organ responsible for the orientation of the body in space.Reduced or lost hearing,there are dizziness,nausea,vomiting,impaired coordination of body movements.

Most people suffer from chronic otitis media, which is exacerbated by every cold, flu, runny nose.
Modern medicine in otitis media prescribes powerful antibiotics that kill everything,including friendly bacteria that competitively inhibited the growth of harmful bacteria.The effect after antibiotic therapy, a person feels immediately and ,as a rule, the next day from the symptoms of otitis media does not remain a trace.Of course,taking antibiotics on the recommendation of the doctor should continue 5-7 days until complete disposal of pathogenic bacteria.

However,quite often in recent years, due to the frequent use of antibiotics,bacteria form resistant strains that are not sensitive to the drug.And the surviving pathogenic bacteria at the slightest opportunity(with colds,fatigue,stress) begin their activity again.The situation is moving into a new phase - chronic otitis media. This modern medicine can hardly affect and people suffer from the disease for many years.

Hirudotherapy does not just treat this chronic inflammatory process.It cures a person and relieves him from relapses of the disease.And this is possible without the use of traumatic and side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Alternatives to medical leeches are difficult to find.

Why the treatment of medical leeches are traditionally used when you are completely problems is so effective and gives long-lasting stable result?

Everything is revealed, if we consider the mechanism of action of medical leeches.When the prefix leeches sucked a small part of stagnant blood and after its formulation in the human body appear:
  • hirudin that thins the blood, removing microthrombuses with the smallest vessels and greatly increases the microcirculation of the tissue, i.e. increasing the nutrition and respiration of tissues, as well as more rapidly removing metabolic products and toxins.
  • hyaluronidase, or lidase, which dissolves scarring changes in tissues and restores the metabolic processes between blood vessels and tissues of the body; hyaluronidase also has an antibacterial effect.
  • bdellin, which has anti-inflammatory effect.
  • acetylcholine, has the ability to relieve spasm of smooth muscles,relaxes blood vessels.
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