Diseases that can be treated with leeches

Radiculitis & Leech therapy

Medical leech will allow to get rid of long-term, chronic pain painless and stable.
Oh, that sciatica again!

This exclamation is often heard from the older man, but the athlete or a young man, commonplace (for) which is a lifting, or full of energy and ambitions of women, who are driving several hours and studyusa back
Radiculitis doctors from ancient times called inflammation of the roots of the peripheral nerves, coming out through the holes in the spine at different levels from the neck to the sacrum. Under normal conditions, they fit freely in their anatomical spaces. In cases where these spaces are reduced in size - due to injury and displacement of the vertebra, the formation of protrusion, the so-called protrusion of the intervertebral disc, or simply banal edema after a cold, when swollen tissues squeeze the nerve root pain occurs. Sometimes very strong so that a person is unable to move. Pain and increasing swelling, which in turn in itself further increases the pain create a vicious circle, which is almost impossible to break without the intervention of the doctor. There is a so-called radicular syndrome, which includes another muscle spasm in the local segment and after a while the cells of the protection of leukocytes begin to perceive the inflamed tissue as foreign and also attack it. After this stage, when the process takes an autoimmune nature, it takes a long time to stop the disease.

We traditionally use these problems, as hundreds of years ago did the famous Aesculapius, and did simple bloodletters-healers - medical leech. Leech due to the fact that its formulation formed dozens of natural pharmacological substances, each of which affects a different stage of the pathological process has a unique effect on the disease. Relieves pain and swelling due to bdellin and hirudin and anesthetic substance. Hyaluronidase will remove and remove adhesions, which are inevitable in the process of any inflammation. Acetylcholine and histamine-like substances will relieve spasm at the site of pain.
Surgical interventions and reconstructive procedures at the site of the damaged vertebra are very expensive, create additional swelling and adhesions at the site of manipulation. They require a long process of rehabilitation, including months of physical therapy, kinesiotherapy and physical therapy with massage. Even in spite of this way relapse will not slow down to wait.

Medical leech will allow to get rid of long-term, chronic pain painless and stable. Make it a natural way, which mankind has been using for centuries.

A remarkable effect of the leeches was hundreds of years ago, known and successfully used by people in Asia and Europe. They on a whim, empirically found this wonderful animal for the treatment of many diseases. Modern science finds explanations for the phenomena of the action of Hirudo medicinalis-leeches medical.

Despite the centuries - old history of the use of medical leeches and the apparent ease of use of this method, of course, requires professional use.

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