Diseases that can be treated with leeches

Sinusitis & Leech therapy

Symptoms: nasal congestion, headache, painful pressure in the side of the face where the sinus is affected, decreased sense of smell, purulent runny nose; may appear tinnitus, fatigue, nervousness, depression.
Sinusitis - a group of acute or chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses - sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, etmoidit that early in the disease for a long period of time can occur under the guise of chronic rhinitis. Often occurs as a complication of influenza, measles, scarlet fever, runny nose; may be a consequence of the inflammatory process of the roots of the upper molars.

The sinus is an air cavity located in the front part of the human skull.

In humans, such air cavities four, they are located as we said above inside the head, around the nose. The sinuses are filled with air and have a mucous membrane. Distinguish the basic sinus – sphenoidale, she is one, the other twin is: maxillary – maxillary, frontal – frontal, ethmoid – ethmoidalis.

The Latin suffix "it" at the end of the word always means inflammation in medical science.

Symptoms: nasal congestion, headache, painful pressure in the side of the face where the sinus is affected, decreased sense of smell, purulent runny nose; may appear tinnitus, fatigue, nervousness, depression.

The disease can be unilateral or bilateral, involving one sinus or lesions of all paranasal sinuses on one or both sides. All sinusitis can be complicated by purulent process up to sepsis, turning into a chronic form, often require surgery.

The diagnosis depends on the localization of infectious and inflammatory process. In this case, each sinus is connected to the nasal cavity to pass air and mucus. From this it follows that any infection, immune or allergic reaction that occurs in the nasal cavity, immediately enters the sinus, where in the future an infectious disease occurs, accompanied by an inflammatory process. With the progression of inflammation, the air in the sinus together with the collected pus exerts pressure on the walls of the sinus, causing pain. Sometimes purulent sinus content breaks out, causing the discharge of pus from the nose. However, when the contents of the purulent sinus break into the cerebral part of the skull, meningitis can cause inflammation of the meninges.

Most people suffer from chronic sinusitis, which is exacerbated by every cold, flu, runny nose.

Modern medicine for sinusitis prescribes powerful antibiotics that kill everything, including friendly bacteria that competitively inhibited the growth of harmful bacteria. The effect after antibiotic therapy, a person feels immediately and, as a rule, the next day from the symptom of cystitis does not remain a trace. Of course, taking antibiotics on the recommendation of the doctor should continue 5-7 days until complete disposal of pathogenic bacteria.

However, quite often in recent years due to the frequent use of antibiotics, bacteria form resistant strains that are not sensitive to the drug. And the surviving pathogenic bacteria at the slightest opportunity(with colds, fatigue, stress) begin their activity again. The situation is moving into a new phase - chronic sinusitis. This pathology of modern medicine almost can not get further and people all his life(especially in the cold) is afraid-when again?

Hirudotherapy does not just treat this chronic inflammatory process. It CURES it and saves a person from relapses of the disease. And without the use of traumatic and side effects of pharmaceuticals.
There is no alternative to medical leeches.

Why medical leech treatment has always been traditionally used and applied to these problems so effectively and gives a stable result?

Everything is revealed, if we consider the mechanism of action of medical leeches. When the prefix leeches sucked a small part of stagnant blood and after its formulation in the human body appear:
  • hirudin that thins the blood, removing microthrombuses with the smallest vessels and greatly increases the microcirculation of the tissue, i.e. increasing the nutrition and respiration of tissues, as well as more rapidly removing the products of exchanges and toxins.
  • hyaluronidase, or lidase, which dissolves scar changes in tissues and restores the metabolic processes between blood vessels and tissues of the body;hyaluronidase also has antibacterial effect.
  • bdellin, which has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • acetylcholine, has the ability to relieve spasm of smooth muscles, relaxes blood vessels.
Medical leech working as a small pharmaceutical factory solves many problems. It relieves inflammation, pain, greatly increases venous and lymphatic flow and outflow to the tissues.

A remarkable effect of the leeches was hundreds of years ago, known and successfully used by people in Asia and Europe. They on a whim, empirically found this wonderful animal for the treatment of many diseases. Modern science finds explanations for the phenomena of the action of Hirudo medicinalis-leeches medical.

Despite the centuries - old history of the use of medical leeches and the apparent ease of use of this method, of course, requires professional use.

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