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Skin diseases & Medical Leech Treatment

The patient's immune response is modulated and corrected, the hormonal adjustment of the entire microorganism is corrected, the body, as it were, "remembers its condition at a young age" and adjusts itself to this at the neuro-enocrine and cellular level.
Skin diseases and skin problems that are dealt with by modern dermatologists and cosmetologists often belong to the category of intractable. The point here is not how some say, a good patient is a chronic patient who periodically comes to see his doctor, "pleases him with his visits" and does not forget him. Yes, this is not the case, of course. Most doctors, of course, want their patients to recover, but the routine approach to treatment tactics does not give a big maneuver during treatment. Only a local problem or an isolated part of the body is treated, apart from the true cause, the root of the disease. Or, only symptomatic medicine is prescribed to the patient, sometimes capable of providing a "recovery" for a short time, but for a short time. Sometimes very powerful medicines that have a lot of side effects are prescribed for this. Therefore, we are seeing an increase in chronic diseases, including in dermatology.

Hirudotherapy in this sense is very different from modern methods of treatment, and its local and systemic mechanisms of action not only on the focus of the disease, but also on its cause. The patient's immune response is modulated and corrected, the hormonal adjustment of the entire microorganism is corrected, the body, as it were, "remembers its condition at a young age" and adjusts itself to this at the neuro-enocrine and cellular level.

The medicinal leech truly works wonders! And modern clinical pharmacists are finding more and more explanations for the "phenomenon of the medical leech."

Now back to the topic of our article today.

Medical leeches are used with great success by dermatology and even for cosmetic purposes in case of "cellulite" (lipodystrophy), wrinkles, scars, youth acne, poor complexion and sclera. Many acute and chronic skin diseases retreat and heal:
  • acne
  • furunculosis
  • pyoderma
  • dermatosis
  • psoriasis
  • neurodermatitis
  • eczema
  • scleroderma.
Hirudotherapy (treatment with a medical leech) successfully copes with such problems of cosmetology as lipodystrophy, psoriasis, post-acne, acne scars, various spots and skin formations. These problems are eliminated by the immunomodulatory, drainage effect of hirudotherapy. After a course of leeches, scars and defects are smoothed and resolved in patients. People regain their joy even after the start of treatment, because after the leech is applied in the body, endorphins are produced - the so-called pleasure hormones and the appearance of a person begins to undergo changes after the first procedures.

The therapeutic effect of hirudotherapy in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology is rooted in the distant centuries. The use of leeches by the great Cleopatra for skin refreshment and rejuvenation is well known. In a sign of admiration and gratitude to these wonderful animals, she ordered to make their bas-reliefs on the walls of the pyramids. European ladies before each ball, a solemn meeting or a date very widely used setting leeches to rejuvenate the face.

Dermatologists and cosmetologists have long appreciated all the advantages of hirudotherapy.

Hirudotherapy helps to improve the blood microcirculation, activate lymphatic drainage processes, stimulates skin renewal, and provides prevention of oxidative stress. After applying leeches, the skin becomes soft, supple, smooth and acquires a natural shade.

Acne, post-acne scars and stagnation are also referred to as aesthetic indications for treatment with leeches. The immunomodulating, drainage effect of hirudotherapy helps to cope with these problems. After the course of treatment, the scars on the face are smoothed out.

Hirudotherapy in cosmetology is especially valued for the complex therapeutic effect, which consists of three factors: mechanical, biological and reflex. After adhering, the medicinal leech causes capillary bleeding at the site of the bite. As a result, venous stasis is eliminated, blood supply to the skin area is enhanced. During the procedure, the leech salivary glands secrete a valuable biological secret, which, getting into the blood, enhances some of its properties, has an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. As a result, microcirculation improves, edemas subside.

Enzymes such as hirudin, hyaluronidase, acetylcholine, bdelin, calin-saratin, eglin, hirustazin and many others are produced.

This is a whole pharmaceutical arsenal, which Nature herself фяdeveloped and polished off his remarkable work in the process of leech evolution. That is why the leech effect on the body is mild and so long.
Using leeches, you can get rid of cellulite-lipodystrophy, improve complexion, smooth out wrinkles, restore skin elasticity.

Do not be afraid to get a leech bite any infection. For the purpose of hirudotherapy, individuals specially bred in biofactories under the control of biologists are used. In addition, one medicinal leech makes only one bite in its life and is not reused.

Delay once Your focus on the testimony of the treatment of medical leeches:
  • cellulite-lipo
  • alopecia, different types of hair loss, baldness
  • acne and its consequences
  • the extra weight with the lipo
  • scars, adhesions skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue after injuries or surgeries
  • deterioration of skin nutrition and, as a consequence, its appearance (wrinkles, sagging, deterioration of complexion)

  • pregnancy
  • tendency to increased bleeding - haemophilia and hemorrhagic diathesis
  • medium to severe anemia (hemoglobin levels below 100 g/l)
  • state of mental overexcitation
  • allergic to the leeches
  • physical exhaustion

Main steps and procedures:

Hirudotherapy in dermatology is represented by both independent procedures and components of complex programs, for example, in the treatment of chronic cellulite-lipodystrophy or baldness, although even using only one hirudotherapy achieve very good and persistent results.

Here is a little like comment on the term "cellulite", since many patients arrived from the countries of the former Soviet Union "cellulite" referred to the so-called lipodystrophy - structural changes in the subcutaneous fat layer, leading to disruption of microcirculation and lymphatic outflow. It can be characterized as stagnation in the adipose tissue, leading to its dystrophy.

Under the human skin there are specific cells that produce fat from carbohydrates coming from the food. At the same time, it also produces hormones of joy - enkephalins, which enter the brain and cause a sense of satisfaction. It is often difficult for a person to control this process and as a result of transmission the number of adipocytes increases. Then they form into nodes and larger complexes that turn into fibrous tissue and look like bumps and bumps under the skin. This process is linked to sex hormones, which is why men's subcutaneous fat is less pronounced and they practically do not suffer from lipodystrophy.

And in fact, the term "cellulite" of dermatologists in America is called an inflammatory(typically infectious origin) processes in the subcutaneous fat.

It also becomes clear that exposure only locally to the focus of the disease, what many cosmetologists and dermatologists do will give the expected result. Hirudotherapy acting on specific areas by the bite of leeches, as biological acupuncture needle and through the allocation of gyrodometry acts on the human hormonal system, aligning the disturbed balance. It acts softly, naturally and provide a very persistent and long lasting effect. No one of famous therapies do not can!

The positive effect of cellulite-lipodystrophy observed almost after the first session and manifests itself in reducing the severity of the skin pattern characteristic of cellulite, the disappearance of looseness of tissues. Biologically active substances contained in the saliva of leeches falling into the patient's blood, improve skin nutrition and its appearance.

After the course of hirudotherapy skin would "barhatnoe" — turns pink, becomes soft, smooth, supple and elastic.

For dermatologists and cosmetologists was the discovery of the positive effect of hirudotherapy, which is observed in the treatment of skin diseases such as acne and rosacea, dermatoses.

In our practice we observe very good results in various forms of hair loss. This effect is due to the improvement of blood microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Scarring and atrophy in places where there were hair follicle bulbs, under the influence of hirudin and hyaluronidase after leeches are reduced and disappear. On the ground, bald "as the knee" begins to appear fluffy young hair. It's like a miracle!

However, the treatment of leeches requires an individual approach and highly qualified hirudotherapist, which will determine the required number of individuals of medical leeches, their zone attachment, the frequency of sessions and the need for their repetition.

In General, it is recommended to conduct up to 10 sessions after 3 -7 days in the depending on the pathology and severity of the process. Typically, in procedure time put from 4 to 10 leeches. Their number is determined by the specific problem these creatures are designed to solve.

Applying leeches lasts from 3 to 50 minutes.

Medical leeches are very sensitive creatures, in communication with than before a session not should eat spices. Also not worth using toilet water, makeup or perfume.

When PostNuke the leech felt a slight burning sensation that quickly passes. Leeches are not placed on well-visible blood vessels. One individual is able to suck from 3 to 5 ml blood.

After about half an hour after being bitten, the leech disappears by itself. If the duration of the session should be less, the animal is touched with cotton wool, which is moistened with iodine or alcohol. Leech decompresses the jaw and disappears. The wound covered with sterile gauze or cotton wool.

After the leech will be removed from the wound follows the lymph or blood plasma, erythrocytes painted — red blood cells. This is due to the fact that the leech injects a substance into the blood that weakens its coagulability. After this fluid is not tax to discourage to stand out toxic products from the lesion. It should only be absorbed into the adsorbing pads over the wounds on the skin.

After the procedure:

In the current day is not posleduschego moisten the bites, so as not to get infected in the wound. The course of recovery may be limited to several sessions, and may include 10-15 procedures. If necessary, repeat courses of treatment in a few months or years.

l diseases of the skin of the medical leech

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