Diseases that can be treated with leeches

Trigeminal neuralgia & Leech therapy

With correct tactics leech therapy successfully cures this suffering without subsequent relapses. None of the types of modern medicine cannot declare the same result.
Trigeminal neuralgia is an extremely painful pathology, accompanied by facial pain and is very resistant to modern methods of treatment. It is observed in the pathology of the dentition, with violations of blood flow in the brain stem. Another cause of neuralgia is compression of the trigeminal nerve root in the area of abnormally located vessels or vascular aneurysm or neurinoma of the auditory nerve, may be compression of the nerve root in the bone channels of the skull after colds, inflammatory diseases. To neuralgia lead pathological processes on the basis of the skull or bone channels, which are innervating teeth nerve fibers, the growth of connective tissue around the nerve trunk, fusion of the Dura mater with the bones of the skull, etc.symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia can develop as a result of an infectious process (eg, as a result of herpes), adhesions involving the meninges or degenerative damage to nerve fibers in multiple sclerosis.

A very typical picture in trigeminal neuralgia is facial pain, which can be provoked by touching, eating, sneezing, or even just excitement, stress. The pain can last for seconds, occur attacks in a few minutes or last for hours.

Treatment is still ineffective and people often suffer from relapses of the disease, colds, hypothermia.
Traditionally, various types of painkillers are prescribed.

These are drugs such as carbamazepine (Finlepsin, tegretol) or gabapentin. After a few years of taking the effectiveness of the previous dosage, as a rule, decreases and there is a need to increase the dose of medicines. Some patients can not tolerate these drugs due to side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness and swaying when walking, pain in the liver.

In the fall of their efficacy, patients are sent for surgical treatment by a neurosurgeon. However, even after surgical treatment, a person is not relieved of repeated attacks. Thus, the effectiveness of modern treatment of this disease, unfortunately, still leaves much to be desired.

Very effective is the use of medical leeches for treatment of this pathology.


Why medical leech treatment has always been traditionally used and applied to these problems so effectively and gives a stable result?

Everything is revealed, if we consider the mechanism of action of medical leeches. When the prefix leeches sucked a small part of stagnant blood and after its formulation in the human body appear:
- hirudin that thins the blood, removing microthrombuses with the smallest vessels and greatly increases the microcirculation of the tissue, i.e. increasing the nutrition and respiration of tissues, as well as more rapidly removing the products of exchanges and toxins.
- hyaluronidase, or lidase, which dissolves scar changes in tissues and restores the metabolic processes between blood vessels and tissues of the body;hyaluronidase also has antibacterial effect.
- bdellin, which has an anti-inflammatory effect.
- acetylcholine, has the ability to relieve spasm of smooth muscles, relaxes blood vessels.

Medical leech working as a small pharmaceutical factory solves many problems. It relieves inflammation, pain, greatly increases venous and lymphatic flow and outflow to the tissues.

A remarkable effect of the leeches was hundreds of years ago, known and successfully used by people in Asia and Europe. They on a whim, empirically found this wonderful animal for the treatment of many diseases. Modern science finds explanations for the phenomena of the action of Hirudo medicinalis-leeches medical.

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