Diseases that can be treated with leeches

Artritis & Leech therapy

In other words, the production of medical leeches create such conditions when the food and respiration of tissues are restored, and slags and toxins are immediately excreted outside.
Diseases of the joints (arthritis) suffer in the modern world a huge number of people and over time this number is steadily increasing. Arthritis is also now in first place because of a person's disability. Arthritis-inflammation of the joint (one or more) and periarticular tissues. Arthritis can also include inflammatory processes in the joints and periarticular tissues of the spine. The process begins as an acute and, as a rule, goes into chronic, there is a gradual degeneration of the tissues of the articular cartilage and ligaments of the joint - the so-called arthrosis develops. Since all the joints and surrounding tissues have a well-developed system of pain receptors, a person with a similar disease experiences almost constant pain and load and without it, depending on what syndrome or disease of arthrosis-arthritis has a person. Traditionally, so-called non-steroidal analgesics are used, which can be bought often without a prescription and which people eat in tons. Glucosamine-chondroitin sulfate complexes are also used, designed to" increase " the erased cartilage of the joint, but the effectiveness of these measures, unfortunately, is ineffective. The use of steroid hormonal drugs even intra-articularly brings only a temporary effect and is not devoid of serious side effects inherent in steroids.

The use of medicinal leeches traditionally with this disease, the leech therapy was used many centuries ago and very successfully without any chemicals.

Biological substances that appear in human tissues during the production of medical leeches have not only local analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Microcirculation in the affected area improves and metabolic processes in tissues normalize. Venous and lymphatic drainage is significantly enhanced. The stagnation is removed, oxygen, nutrients are supplied to the tissues and decay products and toxins are more actively removed. Pathologically altered protein-proteoglycans are removed, which in conventional treatment, as a rule, remain in the periarticular tissues violate capillary permeability, reduce the effectiveness of the vascular-endothelial mechanism and contribute to the chronification of the inflammatory process.

In other words, the production of medical leeches create such conditions when the food and respiration of tissues are restored, and slags and toxins are immediately excreted outside.

In addition, hyaluronidase is produced. It dissolves scars and adhesions, which are formed inevitably in the process of any inflammation. And makes it softer and longer than many known lidaza or nidza, which are introduced into the tissue with a syringe.

In the process of hirudotherapy, there is a decrease or disappearance of pain in the muscles and a decrease in morning stiffness. In addition, the degree of joint mobility increases.

Hirudotherapy is used in the treatment of joint problems such as:
  • Coxarthrosis (inflammation of the hip joint)
  • Gonarthrosis( inflammation of the knee joint)
  • Inflammation of the ankle
  • Inflammation of the foot joints
  • Inflammation of the shoulder and elbow
  • Scapulohumeral periarthritis
  • Inflammation of the vertebral joints, including ankylosing spondylitis
  • Fibromyalgia .
A remarkable effect of the leeches was hundreds of years ago, known and successfully used by people in Asia and Europe. They on a whim, empirically found this remarkable animal for the treatment of many diseases. Modern science finds explanations for the phenomena of the action of Hirudo medicinalis-leeches medical.

Despite the centuries - old history of the use of medical leeches and the apparent ease of use of this method, of course, requires professional use.

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