Diseases that can be treated with leeches

Herpes & Leech therapy

The latest modifications of acyclovir, such as valacyclovir(valtrex), famciclovir (famvir), ganciclovir have an extremely toxic effect for blood cells responsible for the immune response of the body
Shingles (medical name-Herpes Zoster, in America called it Shingles) is a chronic viral disease that affects the skin, as well as the nervous system. It has a common connection and origin with chickenpox.
The disease is caused by the same herpes virus, which is the causative agent of "chicken pox". After the " chicken pox "passes, the virus does not disappear from the body, but" hides " in the cells of the nervous system. While the body is healthy, the virus does not manifest itself, but sometimes years later,with the weakening of the immune system, it re-enters the blood, causing symptoms of shingles.More than 90% of the adult population after 20 years is infected with herpes virus.

Most often, the disease occurs, usually in adults, autumn and winter.
It occurs when fatigue, stress, the use of drugs that inhibit the immune system.
Sign of disease:
  • numbness in a certain area of the body;
  • isolated pain;
  • shooting pain in the leg or torso;
  • burning, itching.
And two weeks after the appearance of the above symptoms, rashes appear on the body. And most often the rash located in the chest, ribs. In severe cases, the cranial nerves are affected and rashes are observed on the face area.They are especially dangerous in the eye area and can even lead to loss of vision.

During the week, the disease manifests itself in the form of bubbles, the number of which increases. Subsequently, the liquid inside the bubbles becomes cloudy, they dry out and covered with a crust.

Sometimes sick people can only feel itching or burning, but very often a sick person experiences very severe pain that does not allow to perform even ordinary daily work or increases even when breathing.
In the area of skin rashes, a secondary bacterial infection is very often attached, so it is necessary to periodically treat the affected areas with disinfectant solutions or ointments.

The disease during exacerbation is contagious (i.e. contagious) and is transmitted by contact or airborne droplets.

Very often, even after curing the symptoms of herpes zoster, pain can persist for months or even years. It's called Postherpetic neuralgia.

Modern medicine often unsuccessfully tries to cope with the symptoms of "postherpetic neuralgia" using physiotherapy,laser,blockade, local anesthetic ointments.

Many hopes were pinned on antiviral drugs such as acyclovir (zovirax). According to the advertising promises of pharmaceutical manufacturers, they are able to relieve 75-90% OF the symptoms of herpes. But even the latest modifications of acyclovir, such as valacyclovir(valtrex), famciclovir (famvir), ganciclovir have an extremely toxic effect, blood cells responsible for the immune response of the body. These drugs are forbidden to use during pregnancy. They affect the parenchyma of the liver and kidneys, the blood,significantly reduce the overall immunity of the person.With this suppression of the human immune system, the body is little protected from banal infections and cancer processes.

An alternative to herpes is an ancient and natural form of treatment-hirudotherapy, treatment with a medical leech. With hirudotherapy still can not be compared to any of the types of modern treatment.

In the treatment of leeches in the human body completely organic, naturally formed enzymes such as hirudin,hyaluronidase, bdellin,acetylcholine. They relieve inflammation,pain,vasospasm, melt scars and adhesions.

The postulates of the great physician - naturopath of the beginning of the last century,as Zalmanov, in the root of any disease is a violation of the microcirculation of blood.

None of the modern treatment can provide a soft and stable improvement of microcirculation.This means increased blood flow in the affected area.After strengthening the microcirculation increases tissue nutrition, oxygen uptake and increase the output of toxins and decay products.This is a universal key to the treatment of almost any disease.

Very close to this approach infrared laser therapy, but its effect is not so physiological.

Hirudotherapy (medical leech treatment) remarkably restores these impaired blood microcirculation process due to the enzyme hirudin,which significantly improves blood circulation,especially where they are broken.
Hyaluronidase dissolves, melts adhesions and scars that formed after acute or chronic inflammation.Many people know about such an enzyme as lidase,which is used to treat adhesive disease and post-infectious and traumatic scars.So, natural hyaluronidase formed by leech is much softer and more effective in the human body.That is why chronic and acute inflammatory processes are so effectively treated with hirudotherapy.Leech hyaluronidase also has the properties of a natural antibiotic.

It is extremely important,immunomodulatory effect of saliva secretion leeches, incomparable with any modern pharmaceuticals.And the restoration of the immune status of the body helps to fight infections regardless of whether viral or bacterial infection has penetrated into the human body.

Despite the fact that in ancient times,hirudotherapy was used along with doctors and simple herbalists, this type of treatment, despite its apparent simplicity, requires qualified use.

Only FDA-approved leeches that can provide the required level of medical exposure are applied.

I successfully used hirudotherapy 90 years and taught at the present time the students of hirudotherapy in the United States.

In our office, after consultation with a doctor-hirudologist, you will be able to receive qualified treatment with a medical leech.
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