Pancreatitis can be treated with leeches

Pancreatitis and leech treatment in Philadelphia, PA

Many people mistake this for stomach problems after a festive abundance of food and drink. But this is the "dissatisfied response" of our pancreas along with the liver and biliary system.
Chronic pancreatitis today remains one of the most significant problems. It often goes unnoticed, without symptoms. As a rule, after the holidays and excessive intake of alcohol, and an abundance of fatty foods a person may feel discomfort in the left upper half of the abdomen, nausea. Many people mistake this for stomach problems after a festive abundance of food and drink. But this is the "dissatisfied response" of our pancreas along with the liver and biliary system. The liver, through the gallbladder and excretory ducts, has a common mouth with the pancreas, opening into the duodenum. It is the pancreas and liver that are stressed and traumatized by the traditional holiday immoderate intake of alcohol and fatty foods. Even Smoking causes damage to the pancreas.

Recently, data have been obtained that the violation of blood circulation plays an important role in damage to the pancreatic apparatus, due to vascular spasm and peripheral innervation, even against the background of banal degeneration of the intervertebral discs of the thoracic spine.

Viral infections often serve as a starting point for starting autoimmune processes in the pancreas. The pancreas begins to " eat " itself.

Pancreas has 2 main functions. The first endocrine, that is, it emits hormones in the blood that break down glucose, which is used for the energy of cells in the body. In violation of this function there are fluctuations in blood glucose levels.

The second function is exocrine, that is, the pancreas produces enzymes that are used to digest food in the lumen of the duodenum and small intestine.

These 2 functions are usually affected together in case of injury of the tissues of the pancreas.
In pancreatitis, pancreatic tissue is replaced by defective, scarred, which can not fully perform and Exo-and endocrine functions. Fabric shrinks, disappearing slices, characteristic of normal tissues, are deformed microflows and the mouth, there may be small stones.Because of the difficulty of the outflow of tissue are squeezed, swollen, formed a kind of cysts in the body of the pancreas. Due to the compression of tissues, the endocrine function of the pancreas also suffers, the islets of Langerhans producing insulin are degenerated.

Traditional treatment of pancreatitis is to reduce the activity of enzymes in the gland tissue that melt the tissues of the pancreas. This is achieved by injection of antiproteolytic enzymes, hunger, local cold and compression in the pancreas. Subsequently, replacement therapy is prescribed, which is designed to somehow restore the amount of enzymes and hormones produced by the pancreas. As you can see, the Arsenal of even modern means for traditional treatment is very scarce.
The use of hirudotherapy in this suffering, especially in its acute period gives a tangible and rapid result. The patient, who decided to go this way in the treatment of pancreatitis quickly, and with much less complications gets rid of this disease.

Leech enzymes relieve swelling, inflammation, normalize blood circulation, microcirculation. The inflow of oxygen and nutrients into the damaged tissue is normalized. The outflow of toxins and damaged cell elements, carbon dioxide, is restored. Thanks to hyaluronidase from leech enzymes, scar and fibrous tissue of the pancreas is absorbed.

As a result of treatment of pancreatitis with a medical leech, the patient is cured of this suffering with minimal losses and complications.

In our office, after consultation with a doctor-hirudologist, you will be able to receive qualified treatment with a medical leech.

Only FDA-approved leeches that can provide the required level of medical exposure are applied.
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