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Prostatitis & Leech therapy

Recurrent cystitis, infertility, purulent prostatitis and even chronic pyelonephritis leading to renal failure-these are the other complications that are likely with seemingly "only unpleasant" prostatitis.
Prostatitis? Only hirudotherapy!

It is said that after 30 years old 30% of men suffer from this disease. After 40 — 40%, after 50 — more than 50%. This is the official statistics. The actual numbers may be more dramatic, because some do not seek medical attention due to various causes, while the situation will not be very sharp, which sometimes doesn't happen. The disease smoulders in the depths as the peat under the sod.

The classic symptoms of prostatitis. This may be fever in acute cases, pain, frequent urge and discomfort during urination, pulling pain in the abdomen, premature ejaculation in the absence of orgasm. Here, of course, we need to add a minor mood associated with these experiences.

Acute cystitis begins most often with infection. It could be an infection. which was sexually transmitted. Today, frequent culprits are trichomoniasis, gardnerellosis, chlamydial infections and the long-known urology gonorrheal infection. Very often, the infection comes from the blood or lymphatic pathways of the pelvic organs or organs of the urinary tract. As a rule, this occurs against the background of circulatory disorders near the prostate, against the background of adhesions or scarring process in the pelvis and in the gland itself.

When microbiological diagnosis is often not possible to find the source of infection. In such cases, doctors speak from the so-called non-infectious prostatitis. If prostadynia we are talking only about the seal of the prostate tissue.

Complications of prostatitis is not only a decrease in libido, male activity. After each exacerbation, and it certainly happens with colds or even with hypothermia of the legs or pelvis - the lumen of the urethra, the urethra decreases, there are cuts and unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen. Recurrent cystitis, infertility, purulent prostatitis and even chronic pyelonephritis leading to renal failure-these are the other complications that are likely with seemingly "only unpleasant" prostatitis.

What to do when these symptoms appear. First of all-diagnosis, because in this way, unfortunately, can manifest and prostate tumor pathology, including prostate cancer. Modern medicine prescribes powerful antibiotics when verifying the infectious component of prostatitis. Physiotherapy procedures including prostate tissue heating by different types of wave therapy, laser and magnetic therapy. Even with such a comprehensive approach, unfortunately, the patient is not relieved of relapses in the future and needs periodic treatment several times a year.

Hirudotherapy (medical leech treatment), which has long been used in this pathology successfully solves a whole complex of prostatitis problems. Literally immediately after the procedure disappears all the symptoms of prostatitis. Since the secret, which is emitted during the production of the medical leech has a strong absorbing effect, due to the action of hyaluronidase. Removed, dissolve the adhesions and scarring that interfered with normal nutrition and circulation in the tissues. No type of treatment can achieve this as hirudotherapy. Due to this and increased microcirculation, leukocytes and lymphocytes are selected to the focus of inflammation and sanitize it. The effect of hirudotherapy is very resistant and is characterized by the absence of harmful side effects on the body. She does things that are not yet available to other treatments. Hirudotherapy is not just a cure. She's healing.

Despite the centuries - old history of the use of medical leeches and the apparent ease of use of this method, of course, requires professional use.

Patients or people with medical education try to apply leeches on a whim or having read literature. This is a dangerous path that can lead to complications. Unfortunately, I know that even some doctors without a certificate, using leeches, not allowed to use the FDA work with sick people. Medical leeches are used only once and are subject to destruction after staging. And also - ALWAYS ASK yourself "PACKING LIST" WHICH was DELIVERED to the LEECHES FOR YOUR TREATMENT.

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